Latest Landscaping Projects

One of our more recent Durban landscaping projects has been a real winner in La Lucia!

House Naidoo – La Lucia


A project with big structural form plants to accentuate the façade and scale of the house

Client Brief

The client wanted landscaping that was simple, low maintenance, striking and indigenous.

The Site

The site was amazing with uninterrupted views throughout the whole of the front garden, overlooking both a treed park and the ocean. One of our design criteria to capitalize on the natural background and make the garden complement and fade away into the ocean view.The modern style home had mammoth proportions  of natural stone cladding. We toned this down with the planting of big form plants to both accentuate certain areas and to draw the eye's focus away from other areas.

To further compliment the modern feel we chose stainless steel planters to really stand out from the rough stone cladding. By illuminating the stainless steel planters with light, at night, a wonderful ambiance were creates. Certain form plants within the garden were also incorporated to give the garden some life and depth at night.

The irrigation layout was designed and installed to maximize water efficiency and the needs of the varied plant material within the landscape.Head-to-head  spacing of nozzles and a rain sensor further minimized any undue water wastage.

To End

The  home owner was entirely satisfied with our interpretation of their brief- a creation with  a harmonious balance of scale and proportion, colour, shape and assorted textures. 


  durban landscaping beforedurban landscaping after


durban landscaping before durban landscaping after

 Some of our other current projects include:
-an office park upgrade in Umhlanga, numerous small-scaled residential installations
-bulk spraying of herbicide and fertilizing of a turf management site.

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