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Do you need assistance with deciding what plant to put where, or have you been struggling to install your new pathway?

We can help you with putting together a great garden design, while our team of experts will put it all together, leaving you free to enjoy the pleasures of an outstanding garden, patio, atrium or roof top. We are one of the most established and trusted landscaping companies in Durban.

We offer a number of landscaping services, namely:

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Landscaping Consultation and Design:

An initial consultation is essential before any planning or design work can take place. At this meeting site conditions are viewed and client requirements are discussed.

Once this has taken place an idea is born which will be functional, aesthetically pleasing and symbolic of our knowledge and your needs. These initial landscape design stages often include physical samples of hard landscaping (i.e type and color of tiles, textures and shapes of pots etc.) sizes and examples of plant materials, conceptual layout, 3D renderings and
the like.

Once a workable design is achieved it is put to paper and then an itemised bill of quantities is derived from it. All this planning is necessary before any work can take place to ensure that a unique and pleasing piece of work is created. Please read our testimonials on our landscaping projects

Tree Transplanting:

tree transplanting and landscaping servicesTree transplanting is literally what it says it is. Both trees and palms being relocated with various methods, machines and modes of transport. This can be achieved depending on project requirements and site limitations. This is a specialized line of work which can lead to instant and breathtaking results.

Bigger projects include:
  • A1 race course palm tree removal and re-planting prior to the course construction +/- 50 Palms.
  • Old fort road/ Joe Cools Parking lot upgrade +/-25 palms
  • Chatsworth cricket oval (cricket world cup preliminary match venue) +/- 15 mature Erythrina's


Once an agreed upon landscape design is accepted, the ground breaking can begin. This is the fun part for some clients and the stressful part for others as it has to get worse before it gets any better. Often times the more the landscape design pushes the envelope, the more stressful it can become on site. This is only temporary and is necessary to achieve the final desired creation. Implementation of a well thought out and designed plan often far
exceeds the clients expectations which is why its essential for the client and designer to connect during the initial consultation phase.

Horticultural maintenance

This is the clients chance for us to do the necessary extra's. Safe and correct application of both herbicide and insecticides, soil samples and fertilizing, mulching and or composting of beds, spiking & top dressing and other more specialized maintenance practices are included in our maintenance service program.

Turf maintenance

We offer our turf management services for bigger residential, commercial and recreational turfed areas. These include spring treatments, de-thatching/scanfying, topdressing, fertilizer applications (both granular and liquid applications), spraying  of insecticides and herbicides and preparation of new seed beds.

- Projects include Kearsney College establishment of cricket pitches